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Contract Negotiations

Negotating contracts can be time consuming, emotional, and at times mind numbing...and we love it. Reworking your business partnership agreement? Trying to find the best terms with a local vendor? Give us a call, we are happy to help.


Project Management

Running projects requires time, dedication, and the ability to hold people's feet to the fire without making them want to murder you (at least not until the end of the project). Our project management consultants know how to walk that fine line to help you and your team come out on schedule and on budget on those difficult projects.


Business Consulting

ROI, PNL, FTEs, MTD, PTO, PAs, RFQ, TOS, YTD; yeah, we can spout off a ton of TLAs, but who in their right mind wants to listen to that. What really matters? We can translate all of that gobblelygook into plain english and real results. Let us help you remove the business confusion and turn it into business success.

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